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We will paint your cabinets perfectly and properly at a fair price.

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ottawa cabinet painting
ottawa cabinet painting

At Ottawa Cabinet Painting our vision is to make your existing kitchen look brand new at a savings of literally tens of thousands of dollars. This all gets done with minimal disruption to your existing lifestyle.

Choosing the right paint color and doing thorough prep work are essential for achieving a topnotch cabinetry paint job and the desired high-end finish.

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'My kitchen used to be a family and friend gathering place. Now it's a dark and dingy room we only use to cook.'


Kitchens have always been a natural gathering place. Unexplainable, yes, but at almost every party you go to, friends and family gradually and naturally move to the kitchen. It's like a magnet for social interaction! House warmings, engagement parties, Super Bowl parties, Thanksgiving... it always seems to end up in the kitchen. And why not?  The kitchen is the heart of your home, it feeds your family.  The kitchen provides a warmth and feeling that no other room in the house provides. Lazy morning coffees and the pulled apart Sunday paper as newlyweds. Cooking that turkey in your kitchen nervously awaiting the step family to arrive for your first Christmas Dinner in your new home. Family chats over after school snacks. Let us help bring back that warmth to the room you used to enjoy so much.

'I have a five person family. I can't lose my kitchen or bathroom for weeks or months!' 

The morning rush of cereal bowls, frying pans, sandwich bags and plastic wrap. The smell of eggs, coffee and toast wafting throughout the home. Parents desperately urging their kids to eat 'the most important meal of the day'.  The rows of sandwich bread lining the cutting board like a conveyor belt. Butter, then mayo, cheese, then sandwich meat, lettuce. Preparation of a hearty lunch to carry the family through the day. Four thirty rolls around and now the kids have to be fed before soccer, hockey, and all the after school activities. Later the homework fills the island countertop with papers as the parents try to recall seventh grade algebra. This is not a space you can afford to lose for weeks or months!

'Why does your process take ten days and others say they can do it in two?'

I have been getting this question more and more. Click here for the day by day breakdown of how your cabinets should be painted and why you should accept nothing less...

'We just can't live through another renovation project. It turns our home into utter chaos.'

You shudder when you think back to the last reno. 'A small bathroom' the contractor said. 'Shouldn't be more than a week' he promised. 'You won't even know we're here' were his parting words. A month later you were all still sharing the ensuite bathroom.  Reaching over your children brushing their teeth to grab your razor.  The hairdryer has now disappeared. Pounding on the door to try and squeeze in a five minute shower.  'The tile didn't arrive.' 'They sent the wrong part.' 'My guys car broke down'. Excuse after excuse still leaves you and your family in utter chaos.  Loosing a bathroom is one thing but loosing a kitchen for who knows how long sends shivers down your spine!

'I can't afford new cabinets. That's tens of thousands of dollars!'

Let's face it... today, every dollar counts but that doesn't mean you can't turn your kitchen back into the room you once loved.  Most people love the existing layout of their cabinets. When you're making that secret family recipe spaghetti sauce or five alarm chilli you know exactly where to reach for that bowl or cheese grater. Baking bake sale muffins with your kids and the muffin tins are always in their right spot. Every kitchen item and appliance has it's own place. All your plates, cups, glasses, Tupperware have a distinct spot.  That's what makes cooking fun!

'I love the way my cabinets are set up, if only the style wasn't so dated.'

The current layout works!  Your fridge, sink and stove form that perfect triangle! You're not looking to re-invent the wheel and you don't need that $200 an hour interior designer or architect that's going to have you completely change the floor plan. Plumbers to move the sink and dishwasher, electricians to redo the wiring, demo crews blowing out your house with dust. Building permits, electrical and plumbing inspectors. It goes on and on.

'I'm scared to paint my cabinets, I don't want to ruin my kitchen!'

The fear of course is that no one wants to ruin thousands of dollars worth of cabinetry! Don't have your kitchen or bathroom look like a DIY project. Brush strokes and roller marks on cabinet doors can turn beautiful cabinets into a mess. The cabinetry needs to look silky, buttery smooth in a color of your choosing so that they compliment modern appliances and tie in granite countertops.

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